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  1. Hi Michael, I reckon I get less friction, and certainly less trouble, with my Marblehead that does NOT have a ball race on the swing rig. See you at the pond one day
  2. Thanks very much for the reply Bill, message understood. If I can get hold of one I certainly would like to try it, we previously had a couple of guys in our club that used to beat us with shroudless, but the are/were very good sailors.
  3. I have a Starkers cubed with a swing "A" rig, but enjoyed sailing with the shroudless "B" rig in windier conditions, would a shroudless "A" rig work ok on the Starkers ? Do you have any recomendations ?
  4. I am looking for a shroudless "A" rig that I can adapt to my Starkers 3 Marblehead, as a change to sailing with a swing rig. Anybody have one they would part with ?
  5. I posted a link above, repeated here , second row of batteries: https://www.vapextech.co.uk/batteries/radio-control/6v-6-6v/
  6. Contact Vapextech.co.uk as they generally will make up a pack for your connection.. https://www.vapextech.co.uk/batteries/radio-control/6v-6-6v/ Cheers, JohnB
  7. Some radios are classed as "Park flyer", in my experience they often have trouble at distance and with carbon in particular. Remember it is only the last 31mm of rx aerial that matters, and that should be straight Make sure you haven't got other sailors standing between your and your boat if you are having trouble. In fact anything in the way of line of sight reduces range. Stand as high as possible or hold the tx up high if you are having trouble Make sure your tx aerial is parallel to the rx aerial, this is best for the signal Try to get the rx aerial vertical in the
  8. AUX 1 or channel 6 is usually used for DUAL Aileron Wing Type or Flap and so must be enable in the programming menu.Go into WING TYPE mixing and Enable or Activate DUALAILE and you will then have the AUX1 or channel 6 function properly. OR you can use Ch6/AUX1 for 2-position flaps operated by the Flap switch on the front of the Tx by setting up values in "Flap" under the Adjust list. If you don't set these up nothing happens when you use that switch. Lots of stuff online, search for "DX61 aux"
  9. Hi, It's to do with your registered/measured boat number, use the last two or three digits.
  10. Hi, thanks. It is all set up and working but it is the 'how to use it' that I'm missing. It looks like there is a Sailsetc doc on this too but it will not open. No one in our club uses one and I know some of the experts just lock it off with a tie wrap as they haven't got the hang of it either. If someone could just tell me if it is basically to be able to make everything tighter when beating OR is it to make everything looser when not sheeted fully in ? then I would be wiser. Cheers, John
  11. I have bought a secondhand Marblehead that came with a swing rig fitted with what appears to be a Sailsetc Gizmo. It is all fitted and working ... However, I can't find any information online to do with how to set it up lakeside or what the benefits are meant to be. If anyone can point me in the right direction I would be most grateful
  12. Now that is what I call useful, thanks very much John
  13. As I am currently looking for a lighter jib boom would it be possible to be more specific on the "Easton arrow shaft", there seem to be a lot of different ones available ? Regards, John
  14. I would also like to thank for the running commentary of the Nats progress, it was good to follow, thanks
  15. ... and are you inserting the battery plug the right way round into the receiver ?
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