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  1. RME 01


    Thanks for that Mike. i had rather come to the same conclusion having read Graham Bantocks design notes and looked at the pictures of the build - with the fairly dramatic steps it looked a nightmare to plank. As a result I did email Sailsetc to enquire whether Rococo plans were still available and received a firm reply that they were "if you insist" but i should be looking at Romanza!! Anyhow in the event I have decided to go with Cerberus and have got the plans from Frank RusselL I like the design a lot and hopefully work on the shadows can start next week when our (Wales) lockdown ends a
  2. In looking for plans per my Plans post I have been in touch with Graham Bantock who whilst recommending that I should look at Romanza instead confirmed that Rococo plans are still available from Sailsetc "if you insist!"!
  3. RME 01


    Thanks for the replies; Cerberus looks interesting and I will follow up, likewise Romanza and the other Bantock designs which I now understand are still available . In both cases there are some useful build photos on the web which help. On which point any thoughts on Petrel which again has useful build log on the MYA site? Mike - I take your point about right boat for right club. I presently live in the welsh borders a long way from any racing club and whilst this will I suspect change in the next year or 2 my immediate interest is in a building project for the winter with ple
  4. RME 01


    I am new to this site and would appreciate some advice. By way of background I have sailed most of my life and have always loved displacement classes and particularly the metre boats (a great shame they moved the Americas Cup from 12’s!). Anyhow now in sailing retirement I am thinking of building a model 6 initially just for pleasure sailing but perhaps competitively should I move near a club in future . I have built a number of planked static models in the past and whilst this would be on a larger scale I am moderately relaxed about this. The issue is the design. As far as I can see from
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