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  1. Hi, Slow progress I know but pleased to report Brio is nearing completion, today was the first time I had the keel assembly bolted in, the sun was shining so I thought it would be a good time to see if she floated. As you can see the conditions were not exactly challenging as the horse drinker was the only water available but it served the purpose beautifully, and it kind of fits with the agricultural assembly of my boats. Pleased to report she floated to her lines first time out (with a little guesstimated ballast for the rig and fittings). Mast and spars are now complete, I have starte
  2. Hi, For those interested I attach some pictures of progress of Romanza no 4 'Brio'. Not the prettiest hull I think you will agree but a dramatic shape never the less. She has been rubbed down and the first filler coat applied so a fair bit of work yet to get get to the final finish. As you can see she has the keel box and all internals installed, the mast box, radio pot & deck are also finished. The plans do not give any details of the keel section so I have gone for a slim keel built from cedar strips and skinned in eglass, this may affect the displacement but if it proves to be a
  3. Brianq53

    Romanza No4

    All, Romanza No4 formally exists, (number GBR 1090 - Name 'Brio') herewith some pictures of her fresh off the plug. It was a bit of a grunt as the hull stuck in one tiny place but it finally came away clean. I used 1 layer of 200g eglass and a final layer of 200g carbon. Weight straight off the plug is a tad under 700g but I have to fill and polish the hull and intend to reinforce with carbon tape so my guess is the hull will be 900-1000g on completion. Thoughts turning to decklayout etc. Really enjoyed the Peter's measurement blog, it will be interesting to see if any of these new models t
  4. Brianq53

    Romanza No4

    Hi, Latest progress on Romanza no 4 (now officially GBR1090 courtesy of the official registrar). Final finishing and polishing to complete, Carbon shell will be cast this weekend temperatures permitting. Brian
  5. Brianq53

    Romanza No4

    Mike, Thanks for your note, if you get a moment can you give us the info regarding getting any new boat measured, boat number allocation etc. How is the problem of not being able to have sails made until the boat is measured usually addressed etc. Many Thanks Brian
  6. Brianq53

    Romanza No4

    Hi, Romanza No4 now has a fully planked plug with final finishing planned for this weekend. I plan to cast the carbon shell the following weekend all being well. I am aiming for the Bourneville meet in March all being well, hoping to swell the 6m ranks. Any other Romanzas planning a first outing? Brian
  7. Brianq53

    Romanza Build

    Following in the footsteps of the intrepid Romanza builders Blog, I attach a picture of my humble efforts. I have spent the last few days cutting shadows, setting them up and part planking the plug. I chose to use ripped down softwood for the planking with hardwood inwales. On reflection this was probably a mistake as the the shape of the Romanza is pretty extreme in places and I just couldn't force the planks into the right shape. I shall have to block out the bow and stern bustles and sand them into the correct shape. Note to self...use Balsa next time!! Will upload further pictures as the w
  8. Hi, I Have been so inspired by the Romanza building blog (well done the Peters) that I have also decided to build one this winter. The plans have duly arrived from Sails etc and the shadows are half made. Currently lacking in spare time so progress is likely to be slow I'm afraid. Spring 2015 is my current target. Not sure of all the assembly details yet but current thoughts are that I shall build a cedar planked plug and cast a carbon shell over the plug. I will post progress and pictures along the way, and of course will welcome any comments. For a starter, anyone know the weight and
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