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  1. Hello Erick Thank you for posting this, they do say a picture is worth a thousand words, but you really should have introduced yourself on Sunday, it would also have been lovely to meet Doris. Coincidentally my good friend Dave was racing too, you could have taken the opportunity to say hello to him. Kind regards Laurie
  2. Thanks for replies chaps, thought No was the answer but good to have the confirmation. To answer David's question, I'm going to go for :- When - 1898 Who - Nikola Tesla Where - Madison Square Gardens
  3. A question for the techies out there:- From a technical pov is there is a maximum to the number of 2.4GHX radios that can be used concurrently before there is a risk of interference between sets. My Google research suggests the answer is no but just want to be sure Cheers LaurieB
  4. All The IOM Midland District Championship is now going to be the 23rd October 2016, this is due to Manor Park having a Bart's Bash event on the original date Cheers Laurie
  5. I am pleased to say the entry for the first event of the Midland District IOM Summer series 'The Sears Trophy' is open. Entry is £5 plus Water Park fee. Racing starts at 10.00 Online entry from the MYA Events page - http://mya-uk.co.uk/event/md-iom-mdcsc1/ Look forward to seeing you there Market Bosworth RYC
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