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  1. Prior to the start but after the 1 minute signal. On starboard tack approaching the bank ( no inner distance mark) Hailing for room to tack , the reply was you can not do that before the start. as i understand it rules of PART 2 operate in the racing area for boats that intend to race, are racing, or have been racing. Penalties arise only after the 1 minute signal. who is right.
  2. Solo5533

    Widget IOM

    Graham thanks for your swift reply, have sent photos by e-mail
  3. Solo5533

    Widget IOM

    I have just purchased a Graham Elliot WIDGET. While trawling the internet i found an article on his Laser 173 website about the widget saying ”Graham has even put up a Rig Gallery showing his way of rigging an IOM (Widget). “ Unfortunately the link is not connected, does anyone know where i could find this information.
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