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Terry Rensch

Mainlink Countdown Timer

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Great News Mainlink Countdown timer is once again available :mrgreen:

This has been made possible by the availability of the special chip that Chris has hunted down and now has a suitable number.

This countdown timer is available direct from Chris please contact him via his email chris@mainlinksystems.co.uk for further details


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I understand that Chris is again unable to obtain some of the components necessary for the Mainlink Countdown Timer to be marketed. Can anybody out there please advise of a suitable alternative timer.

Thank you

Steve :?:

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Phil Griffin makes a very worthy unit - philgriffin27.hm@gmail.com

If you are just using it for Club Sailing then there are a number of Pods that more than adequately do the job for £50 or so. There are so many to chose from and they fit in your tote bag.

If you are a DIY person then Arduino Micro board and a sound card is about £12 -£30 depending on the box you chose

and you can program what ever you like.

Download the Clock and voice from the MYA website and load it into an SD card

It is a pity that Mainline have not updated the units they once made , It is so simple. Sadly they obliterated the Chip number from the PIK so revers engineering it is not that easy

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