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MYA Trade Show 2019

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I would like to pass on my thanks to the MYA, who organised the trade show this year at Datchet Sailing Club. The event was well attended by the suppliers, who took time out of their daily schedules to provide an opportunity to show off their products. Those people who went to the trade show would have gained an overall picture, of the products on offer across the UK and future projects soon to be launched. 

The most disappointing thing about the event was the lack of attendance by the MYA members themselves. With most of the membership concentration located to the south of the country, I would have expected more people taking time to visit us at Datchet. Additionally, the location of the show made it accessible to members located to the east of the UK.

I maybe wrong in saying this, but I am sure we are the only country that has an established MYA Trade Show, an opportunity for all sailors to meet and chat with the suppliers, who want to show off their latest creations. In my opinion this event is priceless and talking to a supplier is much better than looking at pictures on the internet. 

The MYA works hard to allow members the opportunities to be apart of the wider picture beyond our clubs. Therefore, to improve on this year, I would like to see more commitment from the membership, when it comes to attending such events like the Trade Show / AGM.


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