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Source of 1.6mm stainless wire

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I am currently building a 'woodie' version of the Ellipsis and will soon get to the stage of fitting out the deck eyes for the sheeting etc.. I notice that deck eyes seem to be made from 1.6mm stainless wire. I can source piano wire as used by RC Plane builders etc but I would imagine it would rust very quickly. What have other builders used? Help will be appreciated, thanks.

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Hi Ian

I use TIG welding filler wire as this is straight. However you could equally use MIG welding wire off a roll. I also use this wire to make hooks etc. for rigging purposes. If you have a fabrication company locally you may be able to obtain a couple of rods or a length cut off a roll. If you try to buy this from a welding supplier it is usually sold by the Kilo. (I have found 1mm, 1.2mm & 1.6mm cover most needs)

If you contact Housemartin sails I bought some from them in the past, I also think you will obtain some from Sailsetc. (Other RC suppliers do exist)

Hope this helps


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Thanks for the information Barry & Eric.  I'm buying from Housemartin right now so I'll ask Martin if he has some wire. 

Barry are you the designer of the PSYCHO? If so you could sell the lines to home builders like Frank Russell does.


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