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John Taylor

My 2020 Race Calendar

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During this year I have done a lot of sailing, I guess making up for loss time in the past. So today I had a look at the proposed 2020 race calendar. After making my own racing wish list,  it looks like I’m going to be busy for another year.  Is there anyone else thinking they are going to have a busy year?

26 Jan
6m Open at Fleetwood

21 - 23 Feb
10r Euro Nations Cup at Datchet

14 - 15 Mar
10r Ranking Race 1/2 at Lincoln

23 - 24 May
RM Ranking Race 2/3 at Fleetwood

9 - 19 June
World Championships at West Kirby

27 June
6m Open at Harwich and Dovercourt

11 July
IOM Ranking Race 3 at Coalhouse Fort

26 - 27 July

RM Championship at Manor Park

2 - 7 August
Vane A-Week at Gosport

23 August
6m Open at Fleetwood

29 - 31 August 
IOM Championships at Fleetwood

19 - 20 Sept???
US1m Championship at Secremento, USA

?? Oct
 Joint Services (IOM) Open Race at Gosport

24 - 25 October
IOM Ranking Races 5/6 at Manor Park.

31 October - 01 November 
6m Championships at Norwich


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I think the only event I could do is the RA Championship at Manor Park on the 3/4 October. This would involve more funding to complete my boat.  My wish list of races includes the West Kirby Worlds, Vane A-Class Week and an ambition to race in the US in 2020,  I dunno if I can financially stretch any further?


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