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IOM EDCS 1 The Belton Trophy at Chelmsford RYC

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The Eastern District IOM championship series starts again on 16th February 2020 at Chelmsford RYC lake in Heybridge, Essex.  CM9 4SD

Online entry is available via the MYA events form to all members with a certified IOM boat or you are welcome to get in touch directly.  Entries are accepted on the day but it's easier to send the form so that emergency contact details are available as encouraged, and less rush on the morning.  Non racers are also welcome to observe, get some tips or just find out more about us. 


The entry fee is £6 and prizes will be awarded.  Parking is adjacent to the lake so rig changes can be made from the back of the car.  

The 2019 series champion Colin Goodman scored a perfect 400, closely followed by Eastern District Chairman Mark Dennis on 368, with Jim La Roche of Coalhouse Fort who was the leading competitor to score points in all six rounds in third overall.  Members from across the district filled out the top ten although with four events to count many missed the opportunity to place higher with 38 different competitors in all.  

For anyone considering entering an IOM ED series event for the first time they may reflect that although there's often a match race between Mark and Colin there is also healthy competition throughout the fleet with a good respect for rules and fairness.  All Eastern District events have been very well run by their host clubs in recent years with good local participation but a slight reluctance to travel. Chelmsford RYC will be encouraging it's members to participate in more series events this year, and we hope to welcome more first time visitors to race one of the IOM EDCS.  We have a great lake with good access, predominantly weed free with clear winds thanks to our coastal venue.  

Hope to see you there on 16th February.
Toby Goodhead, Treasurer CRYC

A calendar reminder is posted below, but subscribe to news updates to get confirmed event notices as they are posted.

EDCS 1 (The Belton Trophy)  Chelmsford RYC    16th February
EDCS 2 (Yare Cup)           Norwich MYC       8th March
EDCS 3 (Coventry Trophy)    Coalhouse Fort    5th April
EDCS 4 (Lifeboat Pennant)   Lee Valley MYC    14th June
IOM Ranking 3 & 4           Coalhouse Fort    11th & 12th July
EDCS 5 (Norfolk Trophy)     Broads RYC        13th September
EDCS 6 (Thames Cup)         Coalhouse Fort    8th November



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We are consulting with entrants about postponing this event due to the severe weather warning issued by the Met Office.  There are two factors to consider; the predicted wind and gust strength make this a test of survival rather than one of tactics and race craft, and the likely control area is in a poor condition due to the saturated ground and further rainfall resulting in a heightened risk of falls on the banked area. 

The CRYC race team are keen to hear all opinions before we send confirmation to entrants by 5pm on Friday 14th on whether to proceed or postpone. 

This information will be sent by email and/or text message to the contacts submitted on the entry forms.

Comments and advice are welcome here or you can get in touch directly:



Toby on behalf of the Chelmsford RYC race team.



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It is with regret that the decision to postpone EDCS1 The Belton Trophy scheduled for Sunday 16th February has been made.  The safety of competitors and their equipment is paramount so the BSC lake at Heybridge will be closed at the weekend.

All entrants will be notified directly when a new date for this event has been arranged, the notice of race will be listed on the MYA event news four weeks before and competitors should submit a new entry once this becomes available.

There have been those in favour of racing and those against; whilst racing should reward those who are well prepared and with well maintained boats there are factors against proceeding and we compete in accordance with the RYA racing charter.  We thrive on participation and to this end will be encouraging our club members to travel to the other series events, just as we welcome visitors to our own.

The conditions and responses indicate that there was likely to be a limited entry, the EDCS points format does not benefit competitors in small fleets: a result of 2nd from 3 entrants scores broadly the same as 10th from a fleet of 20. 

We look forward to hosting EDCS 1 later in the year and hope that everyone has a safe and enjoyable weekend.


Toby, Treasurer at Chelmsford RYC



Through the Racing Charter, the RYA seeks to promote fair and enjoyable racing for all.
What competitors should expect:

  • racing that, as far as possible, is fair, enjoyable and safe.
  • shore facilities, administration and race management to acceptable standards and appropriate to the event.
  • a way to complain or make a suggestion, and a response to complaints and suggestions.
  • prompt resolution of any disputes. 

Eastern District IOM Championship Series calendar update:

EDCS 3 at Coalhouse Fort date has changed and is now five weeks later.

EDCS 1 (The Belton Trophy)  Chelmsford RYC    16th February Postponed
EDCS 2 (Yare Cup)           Norwich MYC       8th March
EDCS 3 (Coventry Trophy)    Coalhouse Fort    5th April 10th May
EDCS 4 (Lifeboat Pennant)   Lee Valley MYC    14th June
IOM Ranking 3 & 4           Coalhouse Fort    11th & 12th July
EDCS 5 (Norfolk Trophy)     Broads RYC        13th September
EDCS 6 (Thames Cup)         Coalhouse Fort    8th November
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