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RG 65 Nationals

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I have looked on the calandar of events but there is no link for online entries yet and we are only two months away from the Nationals! I think that most competitors like to get entries sorted early so that accommodation, transport and various family logistics can all get sorted without having to rush around at the last minute. Given that the MYA has now adopted the RG 65 this year there seems to be little promotion for the class and I'm a little concerned that turnout could be low as a result.


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I/we have been trying to promote this class for a couple of years. At the beginnibg of the year/LasyLast year i contacted all the district secretaries asking them to contact their district clubs asking if anyone would hihols an event for this class to help promote it. I got 2 replies.

The notice of race has now been posted o various websites for the upcoming nationals at watermead

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