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Hi everyone.

During this enforced period of non sailing I am refurbishing one of my Marbleheads.

It is a home design from a member of my club and is best suited (in my opinion) to strong winds as it is quite beamy and having more forward buoyancy tends to nose dive less than my Stark and therefor carry a taller rig longer.

When on the water and sailing the mast appears to be raked slightly forward. This is a swing rig only boat.

Is there an optimum rake for a swing rig mast?

It is obviously a bit of a job to remove the current mast tube if I need to alter it, but if  I did, is it worthwhile fitting a top and bottom ball race bearing mast tube?

Thanks Michael.

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Depends on enough stuff that you could probably write a nice book on the subject.

If the boat balances vaguely nicely now and you alter the rake, to get the boat to continue to balance vaguely nicely you'll end up having to move the mast position to counter. I personally like a degree or two  and then vary the mast position to find balance but I have a cassette for my mast to plug into and a lot of scope for moving.

Yes to bearings, but I think only the top is really needed.



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Hi Michael, 

I reckon I get less friction, and certainly less trouble, with my Marblehead that does NOT have a ball race on the swing rig.

See you at the pond one day :-)

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