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Aergia Richard Wills Boat plan

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Hello  Members

Dose anyone here have a plan of a Richard Wills Aergia iom model sailing boat. ive just recently  finished  fitting out this hull and need a reference to the keel balance weight, the one I have on at the moment is making the  boat nose dive  and very hard to steer . ive been advised to find a plan to see the ballast point  .I'm a new comer to this lovely hobby and have no boat building skills but I am willing to give things a go any help or advice welcome thank you   Rob Gilbert Nqy msc 

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Why don't you try to get in touch with Richard?  He is a MYA member in the South West, I had a look at the Membership lists and it appears his Club is Dartmoor so I would start there. If the designer is still around no better place to start for advice.


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