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John Taylor

Matrix Build / End of Part 1

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The construction of the Matrix (A-Class) is now complete and will be delivered to the owner, for the fitting of the rig prior to the boat’s measurement and launch. It is unfortunate this years Vane A-Class Championship has been cancelled, but now the opportunity exists for more time to trial the revised Matrix design. This essentially finishes Part 1 of the building blog, with part 2 commencing once Matrix is launched in the near future.
The completion of our revised A-Class is the beginning of a series of new yacht designs, which will be introduced here in the coming months. We hope to launch our new projects within the 36 Class, RG65 and US1m Class. Included also will be a future IOM Kit for those building enthusiasts later this year. During this Corona-virus pandemic, we have remained busy in the background consistently expanding our products across the classes, which will all become available soon.
Link : Here


Matrix (A-Class) (2).jpg

Matrix (A-Class) (3).jpg

Matrix (A-Class) (4).jpg

Matrix (A-Class) (5).jpg

Matrix (A-Class) (6).jpg

Matrix (A-Class) (7).jpg

Matrix (A-Class) (8).jpg

Matrix (A-Class) (9).jpg

Matrix (A-Class) (10).jpg

Matrix (A-Class) (1).jpg

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