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Wanted 6m Winch

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Component Shop do a very good replacement winch to replace old Whirlwind & Futaba Sail Winches. It is a KING MAX winch at approximately £28.  I have used this Winch in both an IOM & Marblehead Yacht with fairly good reliability. (destroyed one by leaving switched on pulling against a locked up system, my fault not the winches) It is a standard size servo case 40mm x 20mm. and has better torque (14.5 Kg/cm @ 6v) than either of the two it replaces, the case is aluminium to act as a heat sink to aid cooling. For £6-50  Component Shop do an aluminium  drum to suit the winch which I found a worthwhile upgrade. (I think the Futaba drum may fit this winch)

The only issue is availability as they seem to regularly sell out. You can also obtain this winch from Hobby King, the last one I ordered here had to come from their International Warehouse (Hong Kong) and was more expensive than the Welsh Supplier. 

Hope this helps Eric

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