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Spinnaker pole

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I've just bought an A class in France (a very nice black and white PASSIVE).

I've 3 spinnakers but not the pole and nothing on the mast

I remember a little of a velcro system but it's a very long time .....

If somebody can  post a photograph or a drawing of the articulation,  it would be a great help for me.


Thierry B.

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Hi Thierry.


The spinnaker pole or Boom as we call it will be the same length as the J measurement on the boat.  If the boat has deck manrk then measure between the mid mast mark to the mid mark at the front of the jib .

The velcro is stuck vertically to the mast just above the gooseneck for about 2 "  ( 40mm)   The oposite type of velcro is fitted to the end of the boom between a wire fork so that as the boom is pushed to the mast it sticke.  Voila!!

Good luck




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Hi Thierry,


No it's just a wire fork which is pressed into the tube with the velcro at right angles  so that the wire is across pushing against the mast, & the velcro goes up & down and sticks to the strip of velcro which is attached to the mast.   

It looks quite primitive but it is used by about 60% of the Vane A fleet here!!

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Hi Thierry,


Glad to be of help.

You'd be most welcome at Fleetwood any time but if you want to race in Vane A Week you need not travel so far, as due to its cancellation this year, A week is at Gosport in 2021.

Best wishes with your boat 



p.s. how about some pics?

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