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Remix (36r), Wins first competitive race.

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Remix (36R), Wins first competitive race. Report by Derek Priestley.
36” Vane race for the LEVER CUP at 19th September 2020.
A small but keen group of Vane 36” sailors gathered at the lake this morning to race for the LEVER CUP.
Competitors racing 4 boats enjoyed a great days racing in a 12/ 15 knot easterly wind blowing straight down the lake under the bridge, and brilliant sunshine.
John Taylor had travelled up from Portsmouth eager to see how his latest design the digitally (Plastic) Printed “Remix” owned by Bob Jolly, would perform.
Also with us was John Sharman with the “Taxashun” he bought from Peter Jackson, Mick & Sue Parkinton with their “Taxashun”, and Robert Wheeler with his Martin Dovey designed boat.
We all enjoyed the racing and completed 5 heats when a broken boat ended the day with Bob Jolly & John Taylor in an unassailable position 10 points clear of the nearest competitor.
Final scores,
Bob Jolly & John Taylor  - 22pts
Robert Wheeler & Derek P -  13pts
John Sharman & Eric Austwick  - 8pts
Michael & Susan Parkinton -  7pts
We shared the lake with lots of families crabbing & generally enjoying the day.

Remix (36r) - Lever Cup 2020 (1 (5).JPG

Remix (36r) - Lever Cup 2020 (1 (4).JPG

Remix (36r) - Lever Cup 2020 (1 (3).JPG

Remix (36r) - Lever Cup 2020 (1 (2).JPG

Remix (36r) - Lever Cup 2020 (1 (1).JPG

Remix (36r) - Lever Cup 2020 (1 (6).JPG

Remix (36r) - Lever Cup 2020 (1 (7).JPG

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