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Hello Jorge,

I used to build the Paradox under licence to Graham Bantock.

If you go the his Sails etc web site - downloadable documents you will find a drawing for Paradox. The drawing is annoyingly split, but still useable.

The Centre of gravity of the fin is marked and corresponds to the C/E of the fin. Dave Creeds fin is not the same shape, I know but if you measure the C/E of his fun and use that as a datum on the drawing, the correct hull position will be obtained. Grahams drawings have all the info and measurements you will need, then.

I have done this very exercise on a Red Wine IOM with complete success. The two hulls are very similar.  Both are still great boats !


Hope that helps,  Richard


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Hello again Jorge,

Had a look through my Paradox notes and remembered that Brad Gibson updated one fairly recently, with some success. One area was the fin and its location.

The leading edge of the fin was moved aft to 627mm from the transom, measured along the hull. The fin rake is taken from a datum point 500mm down the L/E edge of the fin, from the hull. Then from the lower tip of the bow it is 855mm to this point. This would apply to Dave Creeds fin I believe.

I do not have a Marblehead any more and I am sure that if you asked BG he would give further advice.


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