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Fonix For Sale

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I am selling my Fonix GBR 925.

It comes as a complete package, everything you need to go racing.

Hull and foils built by ‘Taylor Made Yachts’ with winch and rudder servo.

Futaba  3GR-2.4G transmitter and R603FF receiver with instruction manual.

3 Rigs, ‘A’ Swing, ‘B’ and ‘C’ conventional. All sails from VAMSAILS and built with VAMSAILS fittings plus sail bags

2  x AAA Eneloop  6 volt receiver packs

Wooden boat stand

Spare deck patches

Price £700


Contact:  Roy Stevens

Email: roy@grtayton.co.uk

Phone: 01642 724211

1 (2021_02_22 16_32_50 UTC).jpg

2. (2021_02_22 16_32_50 UTC).JPG

3 (2021_02_22 16_32_50 UTC).jpg

4 (2021_02_22 16_32_50 UTC).jpg

5 (2021_02_22 16_32_50 UTC).jpg

6 (2021_02_22 16_32_50 UTC).jpg

7 (2021_02_22 16_32_50 UTC).jpg

8 (2021_02_22 16_32_50 UTC).jpg

9 (2021_02_22 16_32_50 UTC).jpg

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