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Jib boom topping lift fouling spreaders

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I have a problem with the jib boom topping lift getting caught on the spreaders. I have fitted a light keeper line but it still occasionally catches.

Is there a solution, I think I may have heard about an elastic line as the jib boom topping lift but have no idea how this would work.

Any solution greatly appreciated?

Thank you, Michael

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Michael take a look at this:- http://www.ibextrax.com/Boats/pages/CAN276_23.htm

The elastic is the purple band going round bottom of boom. Fishing elastic is the best material to use as it seems to survive longer on the yacht. By doing it this way you can remove the elastic when storing sails in box or bag, hence sails sit flatter.

The web site this photo is on is good reference for alternative ways of rigging as there are galleries for 62 different yachts. 


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A possible cause is insufficient prebend in the mast. If you have too little prebend, then you only have a little backstay tension to bring the mast straight. With just a little tension from the backstay which transfers to the forestay,  the rig does not generate enough tension on the topping lift.


John Ball

IOM CAN 307 (V8)

In my private capacity

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Thanks John, John & Eric. I don't think the mast prebend is a problem, in fact there is quite a lot of backstay tension to get the mast straight or should I say to match the luff in the main sail. This in turn actually pushes the centre of the mast forward and in doing so brings the spreaders closer to the topping lift I shall have a look at John Bennett's boat on Friday and try some elastic. I have some 1.5 mm elastic which may do.


Thanks for all your advice. Michael.

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Thanks for your advice guys.

Raced today wit the recommended elastic to keep the topping lift taught and it worked a treat. Only problem was I found when I arrived home that the vertical axis pin on my Gooseneck had come out. No wonder the boat wasn't sailing fast.

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