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At a recent meeting it became clear that Vane Sailing has not been as well looked after as its radio partner by MYA. This has not been deliberate, vane sailing was viewed as being self controlling, in more sense than one. It's clear that there are a number of items that are worth looking at. A Vane Racing Team (VRT) has been set up chaired by Anthony Warren who is the Class Captain and it has representation from all the active vane sailing clubs. I won't steal Anthony's thunder, I'll leave it to him to give you more details of who is doing what, to whom and how. This provides a a much needed positive look at vane sailing to make it sustainable into the future. Vane sailing is the heritage of the MYA and all of what we have now is based on that long standing tradition and history that must be treated with the respect it thoroughly deserves. Can I ask that all vane sailors and their respective clubs to cooperate and collaborate with the VRT as I'm sure you all will. The forum may be used to open up the discussion points and it would be good to see it being used for that purpose.

Bill Green

MYA Racing Officer

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