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Who was Levison

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Dear forum members,

An acquantance of mine is since very shortly the proud owner of a vane equipped A-class boat built presumably around 1973.Originally the boat belonged to Jan Hoogerwerff who I understood regularly participated in the regattas in Fleetwood and Gosport in the seventies with this boat.The class certificate mentions the name Levison as the designer.Unfortunetaly

I do not have a photo of the boat showing the profile.I have seen it and it is of a quite classical appearance with a long raking keel of 18 kgs of load.The displacement is abt 26.8 kg, the midship section moderate V below the waterline with a modest tumblehome above the wl.Does anyone have any comments, memories and was mr Levison a model yacht designer or builder.

Any reactions will be highly appreciated,

Aad Terlouw


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Arthur Levison sculptor for a living, was a well respected designer and builder of A class yachts in the 1950's 60's & early 70's.

Originally from Gloucester he lived in South London & carved, amongst other things, the figurehead for the Cutty Sark at Greenwich.

He built many successful championship winning A class including his own "Phillippa" with which he & Dave Parkinson, a member of my own club Fleetwood, won the Championship at Gosport in 1968. I had the pleasure of racing Phillipa in my first A class championship at Gosport in 1972 & finished 8th.

He stretched the design of Phillipa, to produce "Zerlina" & it was to this design that the Hoogerwerrfs built their 2 boats. Dad Jan's in red & sons Han's in Yellow.

I raced with Han's at Gosport in 1974 & I think that we finished about 6th from about 44 boats.

If you happen to see Hans please remember me to him.

Enjoy the boat

Derek Priestley

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dear Derek,

Many thanks for your prompt reaction.

The boat I am referring to is yellow indeed and is carrying the name " Yellow Boomerang".

The guy who bought (or took over the boat from Hans, I do not know the details) is now building in RC-equipment.We have a lot of water over here but no proper lakes suitable for vane-sailing.


Aad Terlouw

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