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Sail Numbers

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Few question on sail numbers for RG65's / Dragon Forces.

As I understand for RG65'S in UK numbers are allocated to a person not a boat (as in other classes)

Meaning as I understand it that I can have multiple boats with the same number ?

So what happens if I buy a boat of another person who then no longer has an RG65 (or even still does) ?

Can I leave the original number on there or must I change it to the one I already have on another boat (the number allocated to me)

And finally do I have to use all 3 digits or can I use just the last two like other classes (allowing for fact may have to add another digit in case of a clash ?

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we are now using one number/one boat. this is to allow us to see how many boats are registered each year

if a boat changes owner then only the boat number is transferred to the new owner.



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