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Pieces of Eight 10 Rater

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This is the Ex Roger Stollery boat,designed and built by him.


Peter Stollery achieved fourth place in last Autumns National championship with it...

(see it also on the front cover of this year's MYA Yearbook) POE has a short measured waterline to give a large sail area but a large sailing length for maximum speed. With its overall displacement of 11 pounds it is a flyer offwind !

The hull is of plywood construction reinforced internally with a carbon fibre structure supporting the rig and the removable carbon fibre keel.

It comes with the largest offset pivot swing rig and has a carbon fibre YOTBOOT cassette to contain the radio gear.The boat is registered and certificated.

For sale now at £350 ono - Please contact Tony Schlaeppi on 01428605068 (Hindhead Surrey)


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