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Terry Rensch

New International Class Rules update

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Thought I would share an email I received from Graham Bantock on the new international class rules would are effective as of 1 July 2016.



The 2016 versions of the Class rules and certification material are posted for viewing on the IRSA website.

Marblehead http://www.radiosailing.org/classes/marblehead/class-rules

Ten Rater http://www.radiosailing.org/classes/tenrater/class-rules

A Class http://www.radiosailing.org/classes/a-class/class-rules

There are also Guidance Notes designed to assist owners understand the how the revised rules will affect them. By the way, in almost all cases it will not affect them but please read the documents anyway. There is a long version and a short form version that covers the important points in brief.

Guidance Notes to Owners - Long version file:///C:/Users/SAILSetc/AppData/Local/Microsoft/Windows/INetCache/IE/0MD414XU/Release%20notes%20for%20class%20rules%20M10RAv2b%20long%20form.pdf

Guidance Notes to Owners - Short version file:///C:/Users/SAILSetc/AppData/Local/Microsoft/Windows/INetCache/IE/GTB8IB6C/Release%20notes%20for%20class%20rules%20M10RAv2b%20short%20form.pdf

And there are Guidance Notes designed to assist Official Measurers and Certification Authorities understand how the revised class rules will affect them.

Guidance Notes to OM & CAs file:///C:/Users/SAILSetc/AppData/Local/Microsoft/Windows/INetCache/IE/EK461Z1Q/Release%20notes%20for%20class%20rules%20OM%20and%20CA%20v3.pdf

This material is a useful resource for designers, boat builders, sail makers, measurers and owners. It would be appreciated if its presence and content could be made more widely known either by direct links from the IRSA DNM’s own websites or from other links. Or just by forwarding this e mail to those who may benefit from hearing this.

Over the last 2 years the IRSA website has been fully revised and now contains a large amount of information of value to the wider sport of rc sailing. Thanks go to Henning Faas, the IRSA Publicity Officer, for making great progress on this front. Amongst the contents are fully updated sections (one for each international class) covering technical material including the following:

Class rules http://www.radiosailing.org/classes

Certification material


Questions and Answers http://www.radiosailing.org/irsa-intern/question-answers

International Measurer’s Manual http://www.sailing.org/tools/documents/IMManual2013-%5B14649%5D.pdf

Previous versions of the class rules

The Technical Committee is particularly keen to promote the Q&A section as this gives the opportunity to cover those common questions that measurers and owners may have and which can be easily answered. Please feel free to pose your questions about class rules or measurement matters – the answer will be of value to others as well as to you.

Again please forward this e mail to anyone you feel may benefit from this information.


Graham Bantock

Chairman, Technical Committee, IRSA

Terry Rensch

Chairman MYA

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