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Where are all the six metre builders?

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There has been some discussion on the forum about where are all the six metres? I think perhaps an equally valid question is where are all the BUILDERS? Returning to six metre sailing in the last couple of years I have been disappointed at the lack of commercial hulls available, perhaps to be expected when builders can make so much more financially using their time to produce one metres.

I think this forum would be a good first place for builders still able and willing to provide boats (to any stage of completion) to get their product known to the six metre fraternity as a good first step.

perhaps then we can help newcomers source a suitable boat as well as current owners like myself looking to replace his 20 year old much love but not so competitive boat!

Alan Bright

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Alan asks a very good question regarding "Where are all the 6M builders?"

I still have the mould and am willing to build John Taylor's "Drisky" finished to deck level for potential new 6M skippers who can't get hold of a boat. We actively pushed the design several years ago and had quite a few interested skippers but only a handful of boats were ever been built, two of them have ultimately gone abroad and are not within the UK fleet. When we first produced the design the class was up against a resurgence in the RA fleet. I have an unfinished hull that I built for myself and still aim to produce this for the 2014 Nationals.

I notice that several builders have removed their 6M option from their product ranges over the last few years. I believe, but might be wrong that Mike Clifton's moulds went to a club for club building - best to contact Mike who will be able to point you in the right direction.


Damian Ackroyd

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