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RG65 ICA - IRSA Ballot

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It has come to the notice of the RG65 International Class Association that the IRSA (The radio sailing arm of World Sailing, who govern the existing "International" classes) have turned their focus on the RG65 class and its rules with the intention of bringing the rules in line their standard format as well as changing some details in terms of measurement etc. Most of this has occurred without any formal approach to the existing RG65 bodies.

As the UK RG65 NCA we need to ask all our members to read the message from Fredo Volmer (the Spanish RG65 NCA representative) about the dialog between the RG65 ICA and the IRSA (A draft of the proposed IRSA rules can be found in 160304.4 Mentges DE+IRSA to Fredo ICA.docx in the dropbox folder he links to) His message can be found Here

Lester Gilbert has posted a response from the IRSA perspective on the MYA forum which goes a long way to explaining what the IRSA can do for the RG65 class without actually asking if the RG65 class wants to be part of the IRSA. His and other comments can be found Here

The ICA has been asked for a vote on two options

[1] - Accept WS/IRSA tutelage by becoming an IRSA International Class. IRSA has not explained or proposed to us what powers they would exercise. It is possible that they will assert full power to define our Rules and procedures, and that only IRSA affiliates will be able to participate in non local events.

[2] - Reject IRSA's pretention and stay to our own Rules (with due updating when due), continue with our own Activities Schedule, and act according to our established uses and procedures.

We need your votes so we can make the UK position on this matter know to the RG65 ICA and the IRSA

If you are purely a DF65 sailor, you might think that these changes wouldn't affect you, but if you wanted to sail in an RG65 regatta in the future it could affect the eligibility of you and your boat to race. It is important that everybody make their opinion known.

These votes are needed by 25th June at the latest so our response can be sent to the RG65 ICA.

Link to voting form here. IRSA Ballot.

Please take the time to read all the information and vote as this could affect the way the class is run in future.

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