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RM Ranking Event Round 4 & 5

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Radio Marblehead Ranking Event Round 4 & 5

As you are no doubt aware this event was scheduled to take place in Poole but due to logistical difficulties has been moved to:-

Manor Park Sailing Club

Rugeley Rd

Kings Bromley


DE13 7JG

The dates remain the same as before:-

5 and 6 November 2016

There is un-serviced Tourer Van parking available. Read the Notice of Race for details

The notice of race will be posted and the online entry will open in the next few hours on the MYA website.

Please enter as soon as you can.. we are having a little panic attack


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MYA Marblehead Ranking Round 4 & 5 –Race Officers Close Out Report

MYA Marblehead Ranking round 4 and 5 took place at Manor Park Sailing Club on the weekend of 5th & 6th November 2016.

A rather good humoured event sailed in chilly, sometimes damp and often irritating conditions. Although poorly attended:-

a) Round 4:- 11 Competitors

b) Round 5: - 13 Competitors

The event attracted a good cross-section of the Marblehead fleet and gave the skippers the opportunity to compete directly against some of the top skippers in the class. I did note a lot of good interaction between the top skippers and aspiring skippers and sound advice being passed around during the event. This was indeed good to see.

The Race Team deliberately set an open course with 4 reasonably long beats to windward with a race duration of between 12 to 14 minutes. The Gate and Spreader Marks were deliberately set wide, some 12 to 14 boat length apart, in order to force the Competitors to make a clear choice of rounding well ahead of the Mark. Regrettable the wind direction and the venue made setting any significant port bias on the start line impossible resulting some overcrowding of the Committee End of the line.

to MYA Council:-

It would be much appreciated if the MYA Council could formally thank the RYA for the uses of their Judge, Steve Watson. He was an invaluable part of the Race Organisation. His attention to detail, thoroughness and clarity of thought is indeed amazing given the speed at which radio sailing incidents take place. This presence throughout the event greatly enhanced the quality of the sailing.

My Thanks:-

I must thank the entire Race Team for their support for without it this meeting would not have been the possible and standing by me steadfastly in the cold and sometimes wet.


No refunds, I spent all the money on Saturday Night

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Thanks for the report, good to hear that all who turned up enjoyed themselves.

With regard to the RYA and Steve Watson, it is great that we are starting to build our links to the RYA, we now have a small core of people within the RYA race management teams who are comfortable with Radio Sailing and offers from others to enhance this connection.

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