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MYA Ranking System - Qualification Cut Off Dates

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During this year there has been some discussion about the cut off period for International event qualification; currently set as 30 weeks prior to the 1st race of an International event.

This period has been constant for a number of years and the general consensus is that it was brought in prior to modern communication methods and maybe it can be reviewed.

The MYA ranking system is a rolling series of events from which the best 4 results are counted from 6 separate ranking events plus the last MYA National Championships, typically these are from March through to Oct with a calendar year generally being the qualification period. (although it may not be)

The issue arises when the later ranking events (oct-Nov) may conflict with an early International event in the following year, say an early European event or a World Championship in the southern hemipshere.

So what should the period be and why bring it up now?

If the MYA regulations team are to be asked to change it, they need to have a request prior to the start of the 2017 season. International evenst qualification for 2017 is now completed - the current regulations are the ones being used - but if we want to change things for qualification status for 2018 events we need to have something in place prior to the 1st ranking events of 2017, and preferably early enough for people to plan their sailing for 2017.

Anyone got any thoughts on whether the period needs amending and any proposals that can be sent to the MYA race Team?

In my eyes this is a race team item and doesnt require a vote or motion at the AGM but does need to be put to the race team as a proposal from somewhere- preferably by those who attend events and will be impacted by the decision.

My thoughts are that the qualification period can be dropped to 20 weeks - giving 4 months from the end of an MYA ranking to the start of an international event, although this could mean that an early ranking of one year could qualify for a late international event in the same year.

Thoughts please?

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