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Motions at MYA AGM


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Would any one care to provide more details on the motions that have been prosed for MYA AGM.

ie why the proposal and what is it meant to achieve and how will it be carried out etc.


a. Propose that the fee for personal sail numbers to be abolished (cost being out of proportion with the work required).

b. Propose that a fee of £10 be introduced for a yacht’s first registration of ownership from new.

c. Propose that a fee of £5 be introduced for change of boat ownership.

I am being asked to vote by our club secretary on these and find it bizarre I have to make a decision based on so little info.

and even more bizarre that our secretary will then vote as decreed by majority of members of my club irrespective of any discussions that take place at AGM.

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At least you know about these Motions for discussion at the AGM. I know I have not seen our club secretary for sometime so no doubt will catch up on this soon. However we have both a web site and this forum for communication in the absence of a magazine (which we all paid for this year) so surely these proposals should have been communicated to the great unwashed, the membership electronically. Rant over about lack of communication from the top.

Call me an old cynic but the changes proposed on Personal Sail numbers, Boat registration new and ownership change would appear to be ways of separating members from their hard earned cash, just surprised at the proposal to not charge for a PSN. If this is a serious proposal it would be a very good reason to go with class associations rather than MYA over seeing/running yacht classes.

As the Class registrars are volunteers and request stamped addressed envelops what costs are incurred by the MYA in registering new boats or changes of ownership? As a personal sail number is not necessary to race but registration is the cost of PSN is an optional extra not a requirement.

The main cost I would presume is that incurred by the measurers of the various classes, and I think in a lot of cases costs are incurred by the clubs for measuring tanks for IOM's. Is it the intention to recompense the clubs from the monies collected if these proposals are approved?

Also don't we need to encourage owners of boats to maintain registration as I believe the number of registered owners can affect the number of votes on matters at international level. If a charge is made to re-register a boat how many Skippers who only race at their own club will be tempted not to register a boat in their own name?

Garry like yourself I would welcome details on any proposals for the AGM not only these to be published in detail.

Also like yourself I cannot understand a vote after discussion when how a representative votes is predetermined by the club membership before the AGM.


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Of the motions to the 2016 AGM we, the committee of GMYBC, refer to those that read:-

1) Propose that the fee for personal sail numbers to be abolished (cost being out of proportion with the work required).

2) Propose that a fee of £10 be introduced for a yacht’s first registration of ownership from new.

3) Propose that a fee of £5 be introduced for change of boat ownership.


I have been advised by the Secretary to Council that these three motions were proposed, not by Council itself, but by a club.

I was also persuaded by StC that it would not have been helpful to propose a counter motion but rather to draw members’ attention to the reality of the motions in another way, which is why I am doing it within the Forum.


Motion (1) – We believe that it is irrelevant in the context of MYA income how much ‘work’ is involved and very little of this relates to MYA effort anyway as it is undertaken by the Personal Sail Number Registrar, and as this is a ‘non-standard’ activity it should continue to be identified as such, relating to a purely personal decision and should be regarded as very much an ‘extra’ unrelated to the essentials of the sport.

Thus the Committee of GMYBC recommends that the existing personal sail number fee be retained and that members should vote NO to motion (1).

Motions (2) and (3) - The purpose of seeking that yachts are properly registered with MYA is to encourage members to identify with MYA aims and purposes and ensure that the yacht that they are racing can (a) be properly identified by a unique sail number, (b) be noted as having been measured, as a registration certificate will not be issued by MYA unless the yacht has been measured by an MYA Measurer and found legal, and © ensure that when that yacht is racing against others that its competitors can be assured that the yacht against which they are competing complies with the measurement criteria for that class at the time that it was measured, and finally (d) ensure that MYA records are complete and up to date.

The Committee of GMYBC thus recommends the continuation of the present situation in that no fee is charged for first registration of ownership of a yacht from new, nor that any fee should be charged for change of yacht ownership either and thus members should vote NO to both motions (2) and (3).

One cannot believe that MYA is so short of cash that the income derived is of any significant relevance, and the additional administrative burden on the yacht ownership Registrars and MYA Treasurer must surely be unwelcome.

Chris Durant, Commodore, and the Committee of Gosport Model Yacht and Boat Club

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Garry & Eric,

Please be aware that these proposals to the MYA AGM are from a CLUB, not from the Council!!

I suggest that you direct your "Rant" to the people concerned not the few dedicated hard working volunteers left!!!


Derek I am not ranting at any one. All I am asking is more information on what these proposals are for. I know they are not proposed by the council however they have been added to the agenda to vote on with no information on the whys and wherefores from the proposer nor any guidance/opinions from the council.

I am then expected to form an opinion and vote before even hearing any discussion on the pros and cons of them at the AGM and even if it becomes obvious to our club secretary that the way we are voting is not the right choice he is obliged to vote as he has been instructed.

Not blaming any one or accusing any one of doing anything underhand just would like some info to help me make a decision.

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A low profile comment. When I saw the motions with no explanation it seemed to me it would be very difficult to vote on the information provided. Gosport have commented using their interpretation, in the past motions have had supporting comment as to why proposed. For Garry and others. The AGM is in Birmingham meaning long distance travel for far flung clubs. Hence the opportunity for 'postal votes' Hence the need for explanation on motions proposed. However for those that do attend the AGM as representatives of their clubs they have the opportunity to vote (on behalf of their clubs not personally) following any discussions on motions proposed. Not ideal but has worked in the past. Some explanation would help even at this late stage

Hope this helps


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Many thanks Chris, could not agree more with Gosport club on these motions.

We will get everyone applying for personal sail numbers as they cost nothing.

Can you really see the club member that does not travel registering his boat or change of ownership now it costs, I don't think so, it will cause bedlam, especially when the ranking race comes to town and this member wants to sail his unregistered boat in the race.

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Please don't assume just because these motions have been proposed they will be passed by the AGM, surely the clubs and members are not that shortsighted?


well on the basis that there is no actual clue what they are voting for who know how they will vote ?

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