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Are we no longer allowed to Abandon a race due to no wind?

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I've been attempting to get up to date with the new edition of the Racing Rules and find that Appendix E3.8(d) modifies the Racing Rule 32.1(b) to "because of foul weather or thunderstorms."

Racing Rule 32.1(a) says "because of foul weather"

Racing Rule 32.1(b) says "because of insufficient wind etc.

The Radio Sailing appendix does away with that wording: is that right?

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See this link. http://http://www.sailing.org/tools/documents/RRS20172020changescorrections-[21449].pdf

it is on web page


E3.8.d has an error that was corrected; It says

(d) Rule 32.1(b) is changed to: ‘because of foul weather or


and the emergency fix changes the reference to RRS 32.1.a

This emergency fix corrects the problem and 31.(b) remains to cover the drifter.


John Ball

IOM CAN 307 (V8)

In my private capacity

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