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Matt Riley

Travellers Series Round 4 Results and Rankings Update

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Close racing from a small fleet lead to some drama at Scotland Farm on at the end of April with one race declared a dead heat between Mark D and Mike Partington. At the end of the day it appeared that John Tushingham and Mark were tied on points and inseparable on a count back. However after a very gentlemanly review of Rule A7 by John, Mark was awarded an extra half point for the tied race and Mark got the win, and the maximum score for the overall Travellers Series rankings, by the smallest or margins. Thank you to all Mick and all the team at Lincoln for putting on the event.

Full results here.

Some great photos on Mick Chamberlain's Flickr feed - here.

Next up on the calendar is the RG65 UK National Championships 24th & 25th June at Birkenhead. It's not to early to get you entries in now, the NOR and details of how to enter are available at www.rg65.org.uk

After 4 events and going in to the Nationals in June, the current standings in the competition for the 2017 Class Champion are:

1 John Tushingham 261

2 Mark D 242

3 Phil Holliday 228

4 Wayne Stobbs 189

5 Mike Parkington 152

6 Liz Tushingham 124

7 Noel Donaldson 124

We have had 28 sailors across the 4 events but John Tushingham's consistent results have given him a lead over Mark D and Phil Holliday . Missing the Keighley events has dropped Noel Donaldson back a few spots but with discards starting to count after the Nationals, expect to see this improve.

Full results are here.

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