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New to class - lots of questions

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Decided to dip a toe into the Marblehead class. Just sold my Mini40 to fund project. Have a beautifully moulded Starkers, Creed carbon hull with cored deck, 468grm.. A parallel fin with fairly stubby ballast at 3620grm and guestimate draft of 580mm. Some pics attached.

Would appreciate any advice on several decisions I need to make, and I have read the excellent articles by Brad and Graham plus several others.

Lack of experience with the rig inclines me towards shroudless. However the aft mast tube would need replacing with the same size diameter as the forward swing rig tube; is it worth the hassle?

Can a swing rig just be fitted as shroudless anyway, with a few mods of course.

What are the different rig ratios and how do I determine which I need. I have a very old PJ top swing rig to play with initially.

I really want to dual rate as a 10R also so, once again which is the best top (max area) rig to go for; plus swing or shroudless ?

Thinking of stumping up for an RMG, however as this is my "starter" boat which slower winch is worth considering. (have RMG in my IOM)

So there we are for starters. Looking for any used sails/rigs to get a good feel before commissioning new, so where is everyones spare/surplus kit ?

Thanks for reading. Richard





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RMG best winch, but I've got a PJ (larger of the two) winch in my RM which has been doing pretty well so far. Bit cheaper, quite a bit lighter too.

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