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Back of the fleet, lack of rule observance

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I am very much enjoying my second year of rc racing. After 40 years of dinghy racing I would like to think I have a little idea, but am not surprised to find myself towards the back of the fleet at many events. Which is where my question comes in!

I find rc people a nice bunch, but I have noticed a difference in rule observance towards the back, where mark contact, minor collisions etc seem to be often ignored. In the case of a,protest call, whilst a response/turn is often made- it often seems to be a little grudging along the lines of " does it really matter?", and indeed in many cases the turn is a part completion 270 anyway.

Am I being oversensitive? or just unlucky?

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Let us review your IOM placing over the past 6 club events

8.08.17 - Let’s See

11.0717 - Absent

13.06.17 - 2/10

09.05.17 - 6/12

11.04.17 - 7/14

14.03.17 - 5/13

Never entered a District Events !

Your club is sailing sprint races almost like speedway. This is not ideal. The Courses set actually constrain the fleet into a precession. Suggest to your Race officer that fewer Marks are used . Windward with short shredder and leeward with short shredder marks and the incidents will halve.

Your results look consistent and no where near the back. The boats ahead of you are helmed good skippers .... Learn from them. study their approach. particularly John

8.08.17 - Let’s See

11.0717 - 1/12

13.06.17 - Absent

09.05.17 - 1/12

11.04.17 - 1/14

14.03.17 - 2/13

Don't worry about how others sail, sail your own race . Visit Rome - but don't become a Roman


Go sailing at Manor Park of Sunday coming and get some long course practice.


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I have to say that my limited experience of iom racing is that rule observance is good, a factor has to be that with an expensive boat there is an incentive not to bang into others. And the club racing at BMYC is also well mannered .

Looking forward to the winter when I can join you on Saturdays without clashing with my dinghy sailing and also the Manor park travellers without open events can join us as well. Perhaps you can persuade David Alston to join us ?

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I think you will have to take that up with Dave. I know he enjoyed sailing at your pond three or four times a year for many years but given the reception he received the last time he will need an invitation from your Commodore to come back ever.

Back to Rules

As I said :- in many instances short courses give rise to tactics that are a little short of desperate. There is very little difference in the boat speeds of IOM boats, it is course length that produces tactics that separates fleets. The greater the number of marks between the top and bottom marks, the greater the tendency is to make it a procession.

Yes - well that is my observation

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Thanks Erick

Just back from Birmingham MYC todays Rg/Df65 racing. 25 boats enjoyed close and friendly racing with any rules transgressions dealt with with a prompt turn.

Perhaps I have found my own solution! be more careful with my selection of the events I enter.

And looking forward to joining in with the Manor Park iom racing on winter Saturdays, another example of good rule observing racing.

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