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RA Match Racing

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At this moment in time there is no radio match racing for any class. Match racing is used by the free sailing folk as it is the only viable format for that form of racing. In the past the Race of Champions had a mix of Fleet and Match Racing but the event has not been held for a couple of years. At one time Match Racing under radio was feature of the embryonic 6m class as a means of expanding the class but there is no longer any need for it and as such is not in play. I have long advocated the inclusion of Match Racing into the racing calendar but there does not seem to be a will from either the classes or the majority of the competitors to want to include or participate in match racing.


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Hi Bill, thanks for your reply. Let's hope it's something that can perhaps one day be revived. Many moons ago we had a iom match racing cup event in Eastbourne. Was a great event with little down time and efficiently and expertly managed. I appreciate it's quite a handful to manage. The key rule changes to match racing would also need to be shared so regular fleet racers are aware. Let's remain hopeful.

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