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DF Racing 2017 Class Captains report

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2017 has seen the DF Racing UK Class association fully establish itself to continue the good work of the previous informal team of volunteers.

The Year started with the inaugural on-line AGM of the Association where the initial Class Constitution was ratified by the Members as well as the appointment of the first team of executives. As these were the final requirements for the adoption by the MYA of the DragonFlite 95, the adoption of the ’95 followed on soon after through a vote by the MYA Executive.

The Association took a stand at the RYA Dinghy Show at Alexandra Palace in March 2017 which was a resounding success. The goal of the stand was to promote the DF Classes to dinghy sailors and clubs but what was apparent very early on was the number of people that already knew about the boats. There was rarely a time when there were no visitors on the stand, backed up later by a significant demand on the retailers and registrar.

The launch of the Version 6 DF65 coincided with the Dinghy Show and it was well received by existing owners as well as new. The design team went to great lengths to ensure that the new V6 afforded no advantage over the previous versions, a stance that has been subsequently confirmed on the water.

2017 has also seen the first Traveller Series which comprised of 8 DF65 events, 8 DF95 events as well as the two National Championships, with the skippers best 9 of the 18 events counting towards the overall championship. Just short of 150 skippers took part in the series which was won rather resoundingly by John Tushingham who won all but one of the events, including the two National Championships.

Membership of the Association has grown significantly over the year with the number of registered boats increasing from 974 to 1401 in the year since 1 November 2016, a 44% increase in membership.

At the same time we have seen the number of clubs sporting a DF grow for 122 in November 2016 to 149.

While there is still a lot of work to be done, the Association Executive are very pleased with the progress that has been made over the last year and are greatly looking forward to even bigger and better improvements in 2018.

Keith Coxon – DF Racing UK Chairman

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