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Anyone purchased this hull before?

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Hi all,

I’m new to the Forum and sailing

Always wanted a sailboat, I’m limited to the draught as the pond is quite Shallow 15” depth.

Would this class be better suited to my restrictive depth?

I stumbled on to this website and wondered if anyone else had purchased or considered purchasing the hull?

I’ve know idea of its origins.


Many thanks


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Hi Adam an excellent choice these and the A class yachts are fine in shallow draft waters the six metre sails well and there is support available through the MY A as it is an M Y A supported class details of the rules are available if you want to make a class yacht which I would recommend it would help possible resale value. Any further advice you require O am quite happy to provide either through the forum or contact me direct

Mike Ewart Six Metre Class Captain

Ps just for clarity all that I have said applies to the A class as well


Mike Ewart

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Hi Adam as the A and the six are classes controlled by a complex rule their lengths and weights can vary but a rough guide is as follows

6 metre generally around 12 kilos in weight with an overall length of 50 to 65 inches and a draft of around 10 inches

A class and this is from my own limited experience with A s

From 12.5 kilos up to 20 kilos in weight ( the extremes are not that common) around 70 to 80 inches in length the draft is more than a six but around 12 inches I think.

The J class is an altogether smaller yacht and is around 1 metre long and is quite sensitive to the wind generally suited to a much narrower wind range then the sixes and A,s

The highlands is I believe an A and a specific design of A not a class, it is one of the older designs and as such would be at the upper end of the weight range

Hope this helps. It would be useful if you had a local club, if you intend to sail just for the pleasure of sailing then fine any of the sixes or A,s would suit they are both very beautiful yachts on the water but if racing one of the more modern designs would be more rewarding


Mike Ewart

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Thanks very much Mike,

Know sailing clubs up in my city.

The council decided to fill in the pond

It was 4.5/5ft and now 16” max depth

Apparently the pond was leaking,

I suspect there was nothing wrong with the pond and the council did not want the extra cost.

Know doubt health and safety had there hand in it.

Any suppliers worth having a look at?

I know there are plenty of plans out there for

Scratch build.

The older one’s

A class, Highlander

6 meter, Force 6

6M, 6T6

Or newer

Maybe Bantock?

Kind regards


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Hi Adam

I would steer clear of the 6T6 the A class is a very pretty yacht and I think any of the A's or sixes would fit your pond, I am assuming you want a proper yacht as there are other smaller classes that would also fit your requirements like the micro magic of footy.

Personally I would go for the larger classes as they certainly are easier to sail and look much better on the water and I would also decide what you want to do . Do you want to build or just buy a second hand yacht if you want build G B has plans if you want to do a bit more P J Sails has bulls available the sweet 9 . Any of the shop!uses listed on the M Y A website are trustworthy and good suppliers.

The Highlander was a good design in its day as we're all of John Lewis designs and if you are just sailing for pleasure assistant matter, look at the for sail forum on this site



Mike Ewart

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Hello Mike,

Thanks for the response.

I quite fancy scratch building,

Decided to purchase the plans for The Force 6

6M class, unsure of the length as there was know mention in the plan description.

Also purchased the Highlander A class plan.

Yes definitely prefer a proper Yacht.

I discovered that they Race Iom up here or at least they did at somepoint.

Never seen any on the days that the club states on the site.

Sticking with the bigger Class and free sailing is all I’m interested in at this moment in time.

Looked at G B

Rather expensive. The old nimbus 3

Looks a nice IOM

Probably been asked several times but

How many Rc channels do I need for operating?

Kind regards


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Hi Adam,

The 6 metre class fits into the 'proper yacht' category whilst still being relatively easy to transport and launch seeing as they average around the 12kg displacement mark and tend to have a smaller draft than A class designs. Being an older design the Highlander A class design displaces around 23kg I understand. A bit of an arm stretcher that might be more difficult to launch alone.

The 'Scale Models' hull you linked to looks very much like a Force 6 to me. The bow profile and sweep down to the bilges are the giveaway. I imagine an enquiry would reveal more. I'm intrigued myself how a Force 6 would fair in racing, especially as I have never seen any results with this design featured. With a modern fin/lead and good rigging/sails I don't see why it couldn't be a competitive boat. For 'leisure' sailing it seems ideal.

The Force 6 has a LOA of 57", LWL 40", Beam OA 11", and a displacement of 24.86lb or approx. 11.27Kg.

It's maximum draft is 9.1"

Regards, Shaun.

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