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ORIGINAL Dolphin Mould


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Thank you,

You are indeed correct :-


It is a very affordable 6m at something like £100 for the hull. Having seen one in Scotland I can tell you it is beautifully made.

What I wanted to do was mould my own. I have literally a 100 metres of Carbon Cloth gallons of epoxy to use up. I also wanted the lead ballast to be removable. The one currently moulded has the ballast built into the moulding.

This is why I am looking for the original Neil Rothwell version mould or as near to it as I can get without taking a mould off the one I have.

I may be forced to start from scratch - but I do not look forward to that.

Any Ideas


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I was told today of the sad demise of the original mould . So I am left no closer to achieving my quest

It seems I will have to buy up a scrap boat and take a mould of that. It is finding the correct version that appears to be a problem.

Oh well


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Hi Dave

have seen your tweets about the Dolphin moulds Seems the original moulds were still at the original

builder. seems he was upset about the scottish boats. no one got in touch with him. I have been in touch with alan

at dabblers, he is the big dolphin man . still has a un built hull.

We have four Dolphins sailing in our 6m fleet including Gretel which is a fancy boat built by john Kiff with a strip plant deck.

I am going to get in touch with Richard wills who is a member our club. He a naval architect , see if he can design a Dolphin

look alike with a modern more efficient below the waterline.


ps is send you e mail address i will send some pictures of gretel

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Yet another step closer

My e-mail address is


Phone +44 (0) 787 924 1202

In advance thank you

There is no denying that the hull shape is far from efficient and shows all the tell-tail signs of poor pressure recovery. We scanned the hull into our FE modelling program and played with it and surprisingly it was easy to fix without adversely effecting the rating. 3 mm here and 2 mm there made all the difference.

However I really do not have the time to start from a pile of wood which is why I am on the lookout for the original mould. Hopefully to purchase as there is generally no demand for this hull.

Whilst I am not doing too badly, the boat is very well balanced, but I need to make some changes to get the best out of it against the modern boats which are caring 15% more sail. I believe the best approach is to start again and to keep this boat in tact as a reference on the hydro-tank test.

The design has a rather interesting history and for some reason the shape was changed at some point.


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very interesting   i always regretted selling my original Dolphin so was pleased to pick up another one recently. I is complete apart from the rig and has never been completely fitted ou.  It is not registered so  have no idea of how old it might be or which variant. but it will hit the water later this year, when my health improves


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To some degree I regret ever having got involved  6M class. The amount of time I have spent in modifications, measuring , and calculating optimal displacement is disproportionate to the performance.

It is now in a corner of the shed .. at least until summer proper



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