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Looking for the best Multihull RC Companies?

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:) Hello To Everyone from Norway

I can not recall when I last visited the site.?(Long Time Ago)

I will not bore fellow members with all my trials and tribulations.

I have started to become very interested in multihull-RC Yachts

I have not purchased any RC Yacht as yet,but have done a lot of research.but was unsure how to proceed.

then I came across two very good companies one in France-PG Modélisme and one from both Ohio, U.S.A. or Pedreguer, Alicante, Spain Flying Hulls.

They look very impressive,I just wondered if fellow members can give me links to equally good companies who Build/supply Multihulls/Catamarans

I am just interested in the cream of the Crop in top quality multihull-sailing boats

Many thanks in advance

Regards Steve :mrgreen:

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First up, check out the Mini40 Facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/Mini40Multihull/

The fastest boat in the UK is the Shinobi which there's a bit about here : http://www.aardvarkracing.co.uk/radio-boats/rc-foiler-tri/

Disclaimer: I make the Shinobi!

Theres a 2 day championships at Gosport in about 5 weeks time, along with the 2 day Flevocup in the Netherlands in May which are the 2 main events in the Mini40 calendar...

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Hi Mike

Good to hear from you,many thanks for the information.

I should have being clearer in my request Sorry...? I am just looking for something to play with no competition stuff!

and since my original post(above) I have being strongly advised multi-hulls will not suit me,I was told stick to single hulled yachts,which in retrospect is sound advice, knowing my limitations

many thanks


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Be interested to know what advice you've been given to cause such a U turn. The most limiting factor with multihulls is the choice of sailing water and having access to a Lee shore in case the worst happens.

If you can find one, Hobbyking did a 1M tri called the Skate - other than being too bendy it was alright for the money.

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Has anyone got experience with a flying hulls a40 cat?  I have  been given one to repair but flyings hulls do not reply with information.  The rigging has been damaged and needs some spares, however there is no information on their site to help with this.

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Shame you have been advised against multihulls. I built a Mini40 trimaran and most of the fun is in the solo sailing and experimenting with these amazing boats.

I returned to "main stream" One Metre (IOM) sailing and sold my trimaran, but I do miss the buzz of sailing it and the constant design tweaking and simply messing about trying out new ideas. Ironically this used to be a significant part of IOM sailing too.

I am going to give it another go as there seems to be a little more info out there now, especially on the magic of getting these boats foiling. Have a look on U tube at the exploits of Ian Holt who is  Perthmini40man and from whom a lot of the magic may be learnt.


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