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2019 National Champs

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Hi all we need to consider the location and timing of the 2019 radio six metre nationals, my personal preference is for September time but in the spirit of democracy would like opinions and locations, speak up and give me some feedback please

Mike Ewart

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From a totally personal prospective

1/ It should not clash with any IOM Events, ranking ETC

2/ It can be during the week ( most are retired anyway )

3/ It would be better in May / June

4/ Three days i.e.

Day 1 - 13H00 to 18:00

Day 2 - 10:00 to 18:00

Day 3 - 10:00 to 13:00

It is still two sleeps in a hotel and the travel is easier

Clearly one prefers the Midlands. The best venue in the Midlands is Manor Park

It can offer :-

a/ Overnight Tourer Van parking and camping

b/ Travel lodge close by and other hotels

c/ Quaint pubs with beer

d/ On site barbeque, club house with ablution families

e/ Good race officers and equipment

f/ Powerful rescue boats

g/ Easy launching of 12kg boats

h/ Faces the right way for the sun

i/ Massive expanse of water allowing an infinite course setting

j/ Close to Birmingham so the wife can go to see the sights or get to a concert

What's not to like ?

Where are the majority of the boats / competitors located ?

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it intending to throw a spanner in the works but, they will not be midweek and the early part of the year is crowded, the clashes with other classes will be considered when the calendar is put together and Nationals take precedence, that is why I asked for suggestions and not a set of instructions, please you six metre tailoring there reply with ideas of a location first and once we have a location we have to work out what suits all concerned

Mike Ewart

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Requirements for a R6m Nationals in no particular order:

Good area of water with:-

Fair wind *

Good launching access, preferably without wading, 360 degree access a bonus.

No weed or very little - a real disheartening factor.

Accommodation – most venues have some in the near area.

Race officers – most clubs can provide.

Two full days of sailing

- increases the chance of variable wind / weather conditions.

- allows enough discards to ameliorate unfortunate occurrences including equipment failure.

Host club has it’s own 6m fleet, or at least a few owners - some core support assured.

Accessibility nationally.

Weekend event – some competitors work and we don’t want to discourage a younger ownership by sailing midweek.

I’m sure more factors can be added to this list.

*What do I mean by a fair wind?

Sailing at the recent Shearwater Trophy event at Broads it was noticeable how different designs performed relative to the changing wind conditions during the day. If skippers feel that they will have a reasonable chance with a design that is more wind condition biased if they sail it well then they may be more likely to enter. Choosing the right venue combined with the right time of year relative allied to the expected average wind strength at that time will help that. Two days will more likely present a variety of wind conditions too. (witness Norwich, Bournville 2016 and Harwich).

See this comparison of average windspeed throughout the year for the last five Nationals venues ( Bournville have hosted twice) :geek: :


So where and when?

I would think on balance either the Midlands region in September-October, or Eastern District in May – June, with due consideration of wind and weed.

Or if you want the best of course, or think we should adopt Eurovision Song Contest rules for hosting the Nationals………….

Fleetwood :o:x

( No, it’s not what you’re thinking……only has a slightly higher average windspeed than Harwich during the racing season !)


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I really do not think I posted a set of instructions. If it seemed that way to you be assured it was not intended as such. As far as spanners are concerned what spanner

And you did say LOCATION AND TIMING did you not in your post

A week day event is extremely practical, take the time to think about it. just because it has never been done before is not really relevant.

a/ Most are retired

b/ Those that work can and do get leave

It has long been a mystery to me why the IOM veteran event is held over a weekend

Spreading the event over three days provides

a/ A better chance of sailing in variety of wind conditions

b/ Does not increase the hotel accommodation stay for most

Think of them as my thoughts as a keen traveling skipper new to this 6m class thing who has spent some effort in get his boat competitive

Together with a list of the resources and attributes that Manor Park has to offer if one is able to secure their support but as a week day event.

Please add:-

k/ NO week

l/ Fresh water

to the list of Manor park attributes.

It is of no matter to me when but daylight is a consideration and the beginning of the year is not that crowded and accommodation is usually cheaper.


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If the Nationals are held midweek then really we are shouting out that the R6m is just an OLD MAN'S BOAT. Nothing wrong with old men but it puts a perceived negative connotation on the class and I don't think it is the practical way to encourage increased participation in the class for the medium to long term. We want to be open to all-comers.

Midweek hotel rates are higher in most places compared to the weekend, the only exception being tourist destinations, due to midweek business user demand.

Personally as a freelancer who works mainly at the weekend I could actually compete midweek, but I know that there are other owners who work Monday to Friday who would be unnecessarily discriminated against. People have other commitments for their annual leave that have to be satisfied before midweek sailing can be considered, and often in order to 'buy' themselves sailing time at the weekend.


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I work too.

I get annual vacation which I can take at any time I desire

It is a matter of Planning and Commitment

If you are committed you will find the day off just as you find the time to go off to Lanzarote

Old mans boat well !!

That is not true but none of the Radio Sailing community is getting younger. and it is getting harder to find some one that does not quality to enter the Veteran events


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No Dave, I absolutely agree, it's not an old man's boat.

It's just that I don't want to give anyone the excuse to start thinking it might be.

Six Metres are underrated, in part because they haven't been tried out by most skippers because they don't have them at their club, they probably haven't seen one in the 'flesh' and they have no idea what it's like to sail and what our race days are like. We need to capture a wider audience and promote the Six Metre experience.

Regarding our hobby in general, I'm betting that the 'youth' ( and their parents) will eventually reverse away, at least in part, from an all-encompassing reliance on virtual entertainment and the computer screen and seek out 'the real thing' again. You can't beat the real thing for realism, and it's less lonely too.


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