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A Wonderful Weekend RM sailing at Norwich

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So often one hears it said that many skippers do not compete in Ranking or District RM events is because they feel they are not up to 'the' standard or cannot cope with 'the' agro on the water or that their boat is not completive. Some feel that it is not worth 'the' effort or expense of driving N miles to sail in 16 races over a weekend.

Well !! non of this is really not true. While you might not be up to standard, that will rapidly improve. Perhaps your boat is not competitive but half of that is down to you.

But on the other hand there was no agro on or off the water at the Norwich RM Ranking last weekend, everyone was so supportive and so kind. Best of all it was all-round Good sailing in good company and dare I say a well organised event. ( subject to some minor improvements - terms and conditions apply - always read the label and drink responsibly)

Yes I got a hiding second to nothing and was totally out-classed at every point of sailing with my 25 year old boat that I paid £300 for and have spent nothing on. Nonetheless I enjoyed the weekend immensely and learnt an awful lot. - I learned far more than I would have banging around at my local club pond.

We don’t say thank you often enough so I think it’s time to say Thank you Norwich MYC for a great weekend.

Now its back to the workshop to hack 25mm off the end of the fin, plane 400g off the 3.95 kg lead, fiddle with the sails and get caned on water the again.

So - just when you thought it is safe to get back on the water you find the FatBoy is coming baaaaaaaack with that same old tatty RM – why not come too and bring your old RM along and get caned too.

Pity the Gilford event is only one day.


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Hi Dave

Glad you enjoyed the RM Ranking at Norwich the Marblehead fleet are generally very well mannered guess its due to the fact the boats are fast and like me tend to get of of trouble before I get into it unless I am on port and your on starboard oops.

The Calendar has been arranged. As 2 2 day rankings and 2 1 day ranking its to get the fleet from up north playing with the fleet down south and vice versa, the 1 day events are located to help promote the fleets locally but the midland one is certainly there to allow those from the south and north to attend with a 2 hour max drive to venue.

I too enjoyed the event and Norwich certainly they did very well indeed in organising the 2 day racing and the social evening which was very well attended.

Looking forward to the 2 day ranking at Fleetwood and the season finale at Birkenhead at Christmas, these Marbleheads are great boats and they are an enjoyable sail.

Glad you enjoyed the weekend Dave

Terry Rensch

Chair MYA

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