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Winches question

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Hi All

New to all this radio stuff in Yachts. I have two boats similar to A class but not A class both from 1992 that I'm restoring to use and just got a few questions. They both have Whirlwind Olympics fitted. What would be a modern equivalent? Is it better to have two batteries one for RX and rudder the other for the winch motor?

Have included a picture of said Yachts 84 Inch overall to give some idea of scale




Many Thanks Brian

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Lovely looking yachts, winches available are RMG and PJ Sails does a large winch as well, other than that you are probably looking at twin winches, would recommend winches with a BEC the RMG has one already, the BEC circuit will allow you to use one battery which powers the winch directly and feeds the receiver, nowadays two separate batteries are unnecessary

Mike Ewart

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They are indeed John Lewis designs & were a from a group of 10 "one design" boats privately funded for the MYSA Kensington. They were all built by Ken Jones of Birkenhead. ( Graham Elliott's Grandad) & as Brad G has said earlier they were used for a race between yachting journalists, held on the round pond as an exercise to promote our sport to a wider audience.

Good luck with your restoration.

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