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IOM National & Ranking Results

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National & Ranking Results

I am forever misplacing my Keys, Cell Phone and my Wallet. I am simply not very good at finding things and always need help to find them.


In this case I need your help,

Where oh where are the 2018 IOM Nation Results

Don't say https://mya-uk.co.uk/latest-news/rankings-nationals-results/

IOM Tab - the last entry is 2017 for 2017



I can not find it there either

Similarly I find Round 5 Ranking Results 2018 but not Round 6

So where are they?

It's not that I did especially well but I need to see if Kemp beat me again, he is always doing it.


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Nationals results here


report here


Eastbourne results here


full rankings here


Although nothing there yet for Eastbourne

and yes he beat you (Although on Sunday it was very close)

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Thank you Garry

If it was a snake it would likely have got me.

I looked every where on gbiom


Thanks Dave

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