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Thoughts on the 2015 R6m National

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I have been giving some thought to the 2015 R6m National and discussing it with Mike Ewart the Class Captain. Racing radio 6m's came into being using Match Racing as the format and the 6mOA used that format in its formative years. I have recently been involved in helping to organise the Race of Champions, which uses a combination of match and fleet racing and it occurred to me that this would ideally suit R6metres. For those that know the full size world, 6 metres and their larger sisters 12 metres, have been competing using match racing as the main racing format. 12metres were the Americas Cup monohull class until superseded by the current multihulls and you can't get more serious about sailing in general and match racing in particular than that. As the model 6 metre is the only model class that has a full size equivalent the logic of using the same style of racing is obvious. They are ideally suited to the format. I have established that it is feasible for a National to be viable using the combined format of match and fleet racing. So before embarking on getting the necessary documents sorted I thought I would test the water with the 6m skippers to see what their thoughts are. To further this I have arranged with Bournville MYPBC to add an Open Race in the proposed mixed format to be held on the 26 October as a trial and all are welcome.

This forum is the ideal place to have the discussion about the suggestion and I'd appreciate any constructive input from R6m skippers.

Bill Green

MYA Racing Officer

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WHY Val it should be first on your list it is all well and good watching artificial yacht designs scudding round a lake but it is nothing like watching a real yacht sailing properly around a lake you also learn an awful lot more about yacht design and handling with the larger yacht come on and join us

Mike Ewart

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There are 24 hours per day and 7 days per week and they are somewhat overfilled as it is. The only sailing I get just now is in Belgium, though I hope to rectify that soon and the classes sailed here are M and IOM with a small presence of Micro Magics thrown in. My 'home' club is Gosport where I will soon be able to return to proper competetive sailing but having arrived at a mixed fleet in double figures, I want to thin things out a bit before I start anything else. Besides, moving house will occupy my time very comprehensively in the near future. First things first!

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Sorry first of all that I missed this years Nationals, I had completely refurbished my boat, purchased new sails and radio gear, but the weekend before had winch problems! So roll on 2015 when I hope to come with a new boat that is working - with a new winch!

As you know I was regularly on the match racing circuit more years ago than I think we both wish to remember. My experience was one of tight races, sharpening of racing skills and knowledge of the rules. As well as great banter between skippers. It was noticeable that in a match racing scenario wooden boats were at less of a disadvantage as well as older moulded boats. I seem to remember sailing your old Nemesis at a Midland District championship with good results - I think I won! Or is my memory coloured by the passage of time! Again this was in a match racing format.

You have my vote for a 2 day format with match racing on day 1 and fleet racing on day 2. It will really highlight the good all round skipper and boat design.

Alan Bright

Broads RYC

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