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Alternative - rudder servo mods

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Been sailing Alternative for a while now, really pleased with performance.

Decided to ditch central rudder servo and linkage and install Dave Creeds neat little aft mounted servo moulding.

Easy bit of surgery and the rudder is now rock solid, with extreme rotation available for braking !

Had to sort out aft sheet turning block, since the bolts fouled the servo moulding flange. David Potters little pulley mounting bracket solved the problem with the added bonus of easy dismounting of sheet drive lines.

It may go against common sense to place weight at the ends, but the little Hitec servo only weighs 28 grams. The overall weight reduction was nearly 40 grams. Yes I will add extra corrector weight.




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Result of rudder servo modification.

Boat felt much tighter and the benefit of using exponential settings on the rudder control is now full realised.

Easy to dismiss as a placebo effect the cynical may say. After all how can merely repositioning the rudder servo have a noticeable effect ?

Well it does: the complete absence of any play, combined with the expo setting is, most definitely tangible.

An additional bonus, particularly on the start, is the ability to increase the braking effect of the rudder. Greater angle is available compared to a linkage. Just try to avoid using it while sailing of course.

A lovely little moulding from Dave with obvious attention to detail. For example; the servo retaining arrangement and the rudder shaft adaptor.

What next ?

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