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Hi Anthony,

The system used in the UK is that the sail number will be the last two digits of the boat registration No. This should be identified on the inside of the hull if registered in the UK as GBRxxxx, and also on the deck - usually a set of 20mm high stick on numbers, again GBRxxxx

If the boat is not registered in the UK then you can get a number from the IOM registrar, currently Nick Cowern, (need to be an MYA number for this) and then apply this to the hull as per the class rules, which he can advise you on. Always worth getting a check measurement done on a "new to you" boat for piece of mind.

Final option is that you can get an MYA personal sail number (PSN) which for a small fee will allow you to use the same number on all your sails- i.e. move them from one boat to another, or on different class of boats. The boat still needs to have a registration number but you can have a PSN certifciate which allows you to use your own PSN, again the PSN is only available as a benefit of being an MYA member.


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