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Installing r/c equipment

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Hi, I have modelled for years with boats including non class r/c yachts, but a close friend has asked me to install r/c into his 10 rather, I need to know the best form of control over the sails and the recommended type of winch to use, could anyone give me some very basic help, many thanks, Peter

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I would reccomend an RMG winch possibly with a self tensioning drum and the lines would be on a continuous loop there are pictures of this with the RMG winch instructions, there are other winches available like the PJ Sails one which would also do the job

Mike Ewart

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Having just detonated a self tensioning drum, I have to say I have moved over to a standard drum with a separate block/spring arrangement to add tension. to the winch line.

The self tensioning drums are very clean and convenient, however are a known failure point in the system. I'm sure many people have had great success with them, just offering another view.

Kind regards

Frayz Cohen,

Essex UK

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