Image by Hanneke Gillessen

Image by Hanneke Gillessen

The current IOM World Championship in Israel is coming to it’s conclusion and skippers from Team GBR are in the thick of it.

Those of you who have been following the various websites, forums and social networks will be aware that Rob Walsh has been at the front all week and is in with an excellent chance of bringing the trophy back with him. The competition is stiff as can be expected so there is still work to be done but consistent race winning sailing has put him into the best position possible going in to the last day.

Mention also to the other skippers who have put in some fine performances, Graham Bantock who continues to be one of the worlds most consistent skippers with the chance of another top ten finish in his sights, John Cleave who has won an A fleet and appeared in D fleet. (Value for money sailing John 🙂 )  Terry (The Fonz) King seems to enjoy these longer events and has had a great week with some excellent performances. Finally JT (John Taylor) seems to have a had a few problems but from his forum posts has had an enjoyable week.

Keep your eyes on the event website during the day for the latest scores and we will post the final results as soon as we get them.

GO Walshy, GO GBR……...

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