Marblehead Open – Greenock

27 May 2018

On the eve of the Marblehead World Championships in Germany, a few hundred miles across Europe, the stage was set for the Greenock Club to host this year’s Marblehead Open regatta.  In recent years a decline in numbers, has almost seen the Marblehead Class become extinct in Scotland. However, a handful of skippers last year made the effort to resurrect the class, with increased momentum this year, saw a larger entry of 6 skippers; from across the west of Scotland to  the boarders of England, compete against each other.

It could be argued that this event represented grass roots sailing, but this weekend was all about re-kindling the formula 1 type yacht racing, within Scotland using the Marblehead Class. Sure some of these boats were largely out dated in most areas, but every yacht which was sailing had their moment of chance. It is hoped next year skippers may consider, ‘Pimping’ there yachts? This means for minimal expense, to make some improvements to increase performance. We shall see?

The event began with a light easterly breeze, but as the day continued the wind increased and skippers were forced to change to their B-rigs. 15 races were completed during the day with the results as follows:

1st John Taylor – Astrix – 17pts

2nd Damian Ackroyd – Astrix – 22pts

3rd Robert Rooney – Whisper – 29pts

4th Gordon Rae – Jive – 38pts

5th John Matheson – Wafer – 44pts

6th Gordon Neil – Wagner – 79pts

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