The IOM Class

The International One Metre (IOM) is the most popular RC Racing yacht in the World and is raced in over 30 Countries Worldwide.

The class was created by Jan Dejmo with cooperation from Graham Bantock and the permanent committee of the International Radio Sailing Association (IRSA). It was accepted and recognised in 1988 and has continued to grow and develop since then.

Although Carbon fibre is allowed in the construction of the Fin and Rudder, construction of the hull must be of either wood or Glass fibre. This makes the class very popular for the amateur builder and most of the professional builders have plans and kits for home completion.

Popular in every Radio Sailing Club in the UK, there are currently over 1000 boats registered Nationwide. Finding boats to sail against is not a problem and a great deal of fun can be had, no matter what level of skill you wish to sail at.

Most UK clubs race at weekends, and probably one other day during the week. District and Open events are held throughout the year. Details of these events can be found under the Racing Calendar on this site.

The number of female skippers that have taken up the sport is ever increasing and the IOM is a great class for all skippers to race; so please Ladies come and join us, you will be made most welcome.

For more information on the IOM Class please visit their website on

There are many websites that cater for the IOM skipper some of which can be seen below.


IOM Boats for sale

IOM World Championship West Kirby UK

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